Audio Editor Deluxe

Audio Editor Deluxe 11.5

Audio Editor Deluxe is an easy to use audio Editor & Recorder

Audio Editor Deluxe adds a wide array of audio-related utilities to all the editing features you would expect from a professional audio editor. Not only can you cut, paste, merge, or add filters and effects to your audio files, but you can also record any audio coming onto your sound card, extract audio from video files, copy and burn CDs, transform text into audio using TTS, and convert audio files between formats, among other functions.

If you're an audio editor, you won’t miss any of the functionality that you would expect to find in a professional editing tool. With both a waveform and a spectral view, Audio Editor Deluxe has all the elements required to select and edit any file or fragment of a file in an accurate and intuitive way. With specific filters for noise reduction tasks, all effects and filters are within easy reach in the program’s main interface. In turn, each of these features comes with useful presets and profiles to help all users make the most of the program’s functionality, while pro users are also allowed to tweak the various settings to their specific needs.

The variety of audio filters and effects provided include various noise-reduction tools to get rid of background noise, tape hiss, and the various pops and clicks that may spoil your recordings. Other audio effects include an equalizer, various pass filters, a normalizer, as well as fade in/out, delay, invert, reverse, and echo tools, among others.

It is hard to find an audio codec that this program doesn’t support. This includes popular and well-known audio codecs, and others that most of us haven’t probably heard of before. The same versatility applies to the video formats supported for audio extraction, including the various formats used to upload videos to YouTube. You can download these videos directly from Audio Editor Deluxe and edit, convert, and back them up to CD if so desired.

Surely, it is the amount of other audio-related tools that come with Audio Editor Deluxe what makes it stand out from the plethora of audio editors available on the market. To name but a few, I would highlight the possibility of recording any audio feed coming into your computer via the sound card, of ripping and making copies of the tracks on any of your audio CDs, of turning any text into audio using TTS (Text To Speech) technology, of burning audio files to CD, as well as any combination of these and any other of the many interesting tools that the program offers.

Being such a multi-purpose application, Audio Editor Deluxe is equally useful for those needing an intuitive and precise audio editor and for anyone requiring a versatile audio recorder, converter, and burner. Whatever your specific requirements are, this is in any case a tool worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Combines accurate audio editing with many other audio-related utilities
  • Supports all the most popular media file formats
  • Records any audio coming onto your computer through the sound card
  • Batch-converts up to 32000 files
  • Waveform and spectral views
  • Includes TTS technology for text-to-audio conversion


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